Your child was born silent into this world, and you write the story of how they left imprints on your heart.

So Freeing! Great Book For A Grieving Mother!

I am so thankful to have this book! My family and I have walked through 3 miscarriages ourselves, and often the pain of miscarriage can feel very lonely and isolating. I love how Jessica…

One Hope. One Dream. One Story.

Dear Readers,

We’ve been there. We’ve experienced the rawness and the shear utter loss that only parents losing a child will understand. Both stillbirth and miscarriage left us doubting. Those times were absolutely devastating and we thought may never pass. The fear of uncertainty, loss of control, and pain just deepened. We learned that no matter what loss- they are all the same. The same loss of hopes and dreams of our children gone too soon.

But through it all, we learned to find faith, peace, hope and trust. Each chapter we saw lessons amidst the turmoil, virtues strengthened among the journey, and our faith was OUR prevailing comfort. It resulted in a beautiful love story for both of our heavenly children and our faith journey.

And so it crafted our story. But our story is not the important one. Our story is a conduit to help you write your own. It’s your journey. It’s your child’s short presence that can bless you presently. If you let it.

So this book – Release the Doves is different. It’s a journal to help you write your own story and find what is meaningful for you.

We hope you find peace that surpasses all understanding. So journey well and journal with us. Give yourself grace and know that you are loved.

Jessica Dorrington

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Jessica, what a beautiful book. I think this will be a gift to so many. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me, others, and creating something that will help many others healing beyond your reach.

Release the Doves is a beautifully vulnerable story that provides authentic insights and in-depth journaling for anyone that has lost a child and is ready for healing. As a professional counselor, this book is a tremendous resource for any helper, mentor, or friend who is walking alongside grieving parents. Thank you for this sacred and courageous gift!

Terra A. Mattson, MA LMFT, LPC

Clinical Director Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Wow! The vulnerability and courage that Jessica shows in telling her story is beyond inspiring. Releasing the Doves is a page turner, which one wouldn’t normally relate to a story of loss. However, she conveys her emotions and thought process in a way which anyone dealing with grief can relate to, which makes the story very engaging and one not of loss but of hope and faith. I lost my mom 4 years ago and the moments that Jessica describes touch my heart in a special way. Grief is an ongoing process that lasts forever, but the lasting message from Releasing the Doves is that love, strength and joy are also released in much the same way from any loss which help us to overcome that grief and ultimately become stronger people. Thanks Jessica for sharing your story with me and the world!

Jordan Hasay

Professional Runner, Nike

Release the Doves is more than just a book, it’s an undaunted look into the story of loss, grief and tangible healing that exists for the courageous traveler who dares to meet their pain in the dark night and trust that a good God is waiting to meet you in that very place. Beautifully written, brutally honest, and unflinchingly rooted in faith, Jessica has given the gift of her own grief story to the world to aid us in walking through ours. This is not a trite book of prescriptive banalities that ring hallow, but one person’s honest journey through unimaginable loss and the faithful love of a God who walked her through it. For anyone who is grieving, this book is a welcome companion of hope for your journey.

Rick McKinley

Pastor of Imago Dei

Highlighted Content!

#1 – Our local news station (KGW) filmed a Mother’s Day feature with Jessica. Watch the interview (Link).

#2 – Jessica recently recorded a podcast for InCourage Gathering.  The topic is… tips on how to support someone in the grief process. Listen to the podcast (Link).

#3 – Here is how to get started journaling and expressive writing after pregnancy loss (Link).

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