So Freeing! Great Book For A Grieving Mother!

(Amazon.com Review: 4 of 5 Starts)

I am so thankful to have this book! My family and I have walked through 3 miscarriages ourselves, and often the pain of miscarriage can feel very lonely and isolating. I love how Jessica, not only shares her heart throughout each chapter of the book of her own experiences–which were so comforting to hear, because I felt like she was sharing a piece of my own story, and made me feel less alone–but also the questions at the end really helped me be able to write my own feelings down. I think the word “Release” in the title truly describes how this was able to help me the most–being able to begin to “release” feelings that were so deeply buried felt amazing! This book is such a gift for any grieving mother to hold in her hands, and I encourage you, if you have suffered a loss, or you know someone who has, buy a copy of “Release the Doves” today.